Problem Child - Delinquents for Vincy Mas 2010

Here is one of Problem Child's new songs for Vincy Mas 2010 called Delinquents.  This song is written by Problem Child and produced by fellow Virgin Islander, Kamau Georges. My favorite verses are: 

"I don't wanna go to work...drink rum and fall down to di ground...when carnival come I don't want to hear about work"  
"phone bill will have to wait...light bill will have to payment have to wait...every night I out ah street?...and that is no debate...I am not an idiot, I am ah's wine for wine and fete to fete cause it's carnival again!"

Even though there was some drama involved with Problem Child's remix of Party Hard by Donae'o; it was as a huge hit and is still in constant rotation.  PLEASE GO NEXT DOOR TO PARTY SOFT...

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