Last weekend while in NYC, my friends and I crossed another Broadway play off of our list. Everything  I've seen on Broadway has been musicals so I didn't know what expect. The first few minutes took some getting use to. I was waiting for David Allen Grier to shimmy across the stage. No song and dance and they still manages to keep my interest. I definitely prefer musicals. We also decided to get seats in the mezzanine. NEVER AGAIN will I do that! I'll stick to center orchestra...thank you very much.

Race is about 2 lawyers, Jack Lawson (James Spader) and Henry Brown (David Alan Grier). They are partners in a small l law firm, which has taken on a young, Ivy-League educated African American associate named Susan (Kerry Washington). Charles Strickland (Richard Thomas), a white billionaire, seeks representation. He’s been accused of raping an African American woman, a crime he vehemently denies committing. Henry doesn’t want to touch the case; he thinks it's unwinnable. But after what appear to be inexperienced missteps by Susan, the firm is obliged to defend Charles Strickland.

Kerry Washington and  I

Richard Thomas and I

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