Just some more food for carnival costumes thought...


On Friday, June 25th 2010 come be a part of "Live in The City" featuring Machel Montano & Friends, the official global launch party of Album 34, 28 years of energy delivered on one night!!
Live in The City is an outdoor music festival that is a true celebration of the Caribbean spirit and lifestyle. Come enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the Caribbean Festival Village offering an array of ethnic foods and top shelf liquor that will truly be a reflection of the diversity of the islands.
Live in The City will also feature International DJs including Jugglers (TNT), Walshy Fire (Jamaica), Private Ryan (Miami), Foreign Bass (NY) and DC’s own Sprang Intl, creating a vibe that will take you right back to the Caribbean!!

More decisions. I really want to go to ValeVibe but I haven't seen Machel perform some of my favorites chuuuunes from this carnival such as:

Thanks Cara for complicating my friday night in DC! What are we going to do? Maybe two fetes in one night like we won Mega Millions and we're 21 years old again...lol

Pan Jazz 2010 June 19th, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Frederick P Rose Hall 7pm. This years event features 3 Canal, Etienne Charles, Brian MacFarlane, Freddy Harris & More‏. Tickets range from $65-$45. Looks like another reason for me to go to NYC :)

for more info click here
Food for carnival costumes thought...

Bea Szenfeld

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The great Bob Marley called Dennis Brown the best reggae singer in the world. The name "crown prince" stuck with Brown for much of his 30-year career, but his fans say he ranks second to no one. He cut his first hit when he was only 11, and over the next three decades recorded more than 75 albums packed with hits.

His voice is smoooooooooooth. Enjoy this Dennis Brown Mix

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I can't be the only person concerned that this is the same weekend as Miami Carnival 2010???? Whose brilliant idea was that??? $1200 costumes, less than ideal weather, overrated city...chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuups!

It's not a bad idea even though I'm very selfish with my culture. I definitely see the appeal of Las Vegas and a Caribbean carnival combined. However, I hate to see MY culture, food and music go to "main stream." Traditionally, Caribbean carnivals are held in cities with a large West Indian population. I think I've meet 2 people from the West Indies on my several trips to Las Vegas. So, in my opinion this IS main streaming MY culture. Miami Carnival or Las Vegas Carnival? Decisions decisionsssssss...

Check out the official Las Vegas press release here. For more info check out http://www.vegascarnival.com/
Ok... I can't hide how much I love this song. It's simple and it's SWEET. Makes you just wanna hold yuh carnah...drink yuh drink...wid yuh man... and...............................
The runaway crossover success of Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” single is undeniable, and the singer has just achieved another first with it, as the song has just cracked Billboard’s Heatseekers Songs Chart, debuting in the #15 spot. The Heatseekers Songs Chart reflects the songs with the greatest airplay in the U.S. “Hold Yuh” has also moved up Billboard’s Hip-Hop and R&B Songs & Singles Chart, sitting now in the #51 spot.


ValeVibe Global Tour will be at  DC Carnival!!!! ValeVibe will be collaborating with Blitz Entertainment, the producers of Eclipze to bring you what will be a “super high-end” all inclusive event on Friday June 25th, 2010. Please contact us to reserve tickets for this event via http://www.valevibe.com/.
Yesssssssssss, I'm feeling it in my bones. It's time for another carnival! DC Carnival is on the list. No fete line up yet, but this one is looking like a good start.

Keidran Jones, better known by his stage name, IYAZ, is a Virgin Islander singer. His song Replay is on heavy rotation and the radio so I had to give this fellow Virgin Islander some blog love. 

He was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands but raised in the British Virgin Islands, Keidran Jones grew up amid swaying palm trees in idyllic Tortola, where he had a breathtaking view of the turquoise sea from his home. His father toured with a singing group, while his mother has directed church choirs for many years.

This video makes me soooo home sick.

IYAZ and some college friends from had recorded a song called "Island Girls" that was soon bumping out of every jeep and yard across the Caribbean. "I recorded it on my laptop, using a headset mic from Wal-mart," IYAZ says. "Because I studied engineering in college, I can make any mic sound like it was placed in a million-dollar studio." The song became a massive radio hit--with heavy in rotation in Anguilla, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Martin and Tortola--and caught the attention of  Sean Kingston
Island girl-Diction,Shotta and IYAZ
When I opened my inbox and saw that Shawn "Mr. Roots" Mitchell remixed Gyptian's Hold Yuh I had mixed feelings. I think the song is perfect the way it is and should be left alone. On the other hand, I know what Mr. Roots is capable of and couldn't wait to hear his soca remix of Hold Yuh. 

Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Soca Refix by Mr. Roots)

I don't even know why I doubted Mr. Roots. I love this remix. Especially since he is responsible for my favorite soca riddim last year, the Bubble Up riddim.

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My new obsession. I bought these last week in NYC at David Z. They are comfortable and I love them. I typically wear size 9 and had to get a size 8. They are called Tryst by one of my favorite shoe designers, Jeffrey Campbell.
Hempwise in Santa Barbara sells hemp clothing, as does Urban Outfitters, Fred Segal and other retailers. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)

Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein are among the designers who've seen through the smoke and incorporated hemp textiles into their lines. And Whole Foods, Urban Outfitters, American Rag and Fred Segal are some of the better-known stores selling fashion-forward hemp brands, such as Livity Outernational, Jung Maven, Satori and Hemp Hoodlamb, all of which exploit hemp's various attributes in chic items that run the gamut from technical outerwear to dresses that would hardly be the first choice of the dreadlocks-and-doobie crowd.
Hemp is an industrial, nonpsychoactive plant that is part of the cannabis family; the fibers are different and stronger than a marijuana plant, making it suitable for textiles.
What's drawing designers to hemp textiles are their natural performance attributes and their low impact on the environment. Hemp fibers are highly absorbent, UV resistant, antimicrobial and long lasting. Growing it also requires less water and fewer pesticides than does cotton. Growing hemp in the U.S. has been prohibited since the '50s, so most of the hemp used by American clothing designers comes from China.
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Tampurse was established in 2009 and is a partnership between Anna Paterakis and Rebekah Zougoulos. Our creation stemmed from the need to create an ultra feminine accessory that stylishly and discreetly stored tampons.
Tampurse is an unprecedented product that reflects glamour, style and elegance. It redefines how women store tampons and gives women confidence that at ‘that time of month’ their tampons are always on hand, protected and easy to find.
So say goodbye to spoilt crushed tampons that lie at the bottom of your handbag and welcome the arrival of the latest must have fashion accessory.

These are designed so only you know what's inside. They're cute and functional and stores mini, regular and super tampons. Price range $20-$25.

via: tampurse.com
Kelis - 22nd Century

The song is OK...but I'm loving the album cover. It was revealed last week even though the album is not scheduled to be released until July 6th. The cover was shot by photographer John "Rankin" Waddell who was also one of the directors on the video for Acapella. I can definitely see the connection.

I know I see a carnival costume in everything. The headpiece she is wearing can definitely be on the roads of Port of Spain for Island People Mas: Shades of the Universe 2011.

I'm obsessed with finding a pair of clogs. I've tried on a few with no luck. I'm still on the hunt!

Here is another Jamaica/Trinidad & Tobago collabo. Jamaican artist QQ and Ding Dong, have collaborated with Trinidad & Tobago soca king, Machel Montano. The track is called “Drive (Driving)”. The song is done on the soca/poco style Drive riddim, which was produced by QQ. Will somebody please tell me what's "poco" style...and I'm anxious to see the dance.

Machel Montano ft. QQ & Ding Dong - Drive

Beenie Man - Temper