Get Fit for Carnival DVD

My fitness crazed cousin, Kevinia, and her workout partner, Robert, who I loving dubbed "Abs" is  filming their Get Fit for Carnival DVD this weekend in Antigua.
Kevinia Francis and Robert Fox, certified fitness trainers, will lead three workout sessions at YMCA tonight.
Antiguan-born fitness trainer Kevinia Francis and her partner Robert Fox will warm up for the weekend filming of Francis’ workout DVD with what is being dubbed a fitness explosion tonight at the YMCA Volleyball Court.
There will be three sessions this evening, at 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30. A press release said “Kevinia and Robert promise three sessions of exciting, fulfilling and invigorating exercising tips for a better and healthier you.” The organisers say there is a “$15 contribution.”
The shoot for the Get Fit For Carnival DVD will take place on Saturday and Sunday on a closed set. The producer is Omari Harrigan of Chosen Sounds Studio. The director is Lawson Lewis of Palette Design.
Francis, an offspring of the clan locally famous for the Kennedy group of companies, is a certified fitness trainer, with a Masters of Science in physical therapy. She resides in Miami.
She met Fox, who trained with the Dallas Cowboys and is also a certified trainer, stateside.

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