Kamau - Virgin Islands Pride!

While in Trinidad I meet Kamau. It was VERY random. We were playing mas on carnival Tuesday and we had stopped for lunch. We decide to get out the sun and go under the stands to eat in the shade. While there, I noticed Dude with 2 other girls staring at us. Finally, he must have noticed our accents because asked if we were from the Virgin Islands... this is a big deal cause we SELDOM meet people from the VI in Trinidad. So we hugged, acted like distant cousins and started small talk. It somehow came up that he was a soca artist. He was bold, confident, full of conviction, assured, show off, kind enough to sing for us. Lol. Some lady walking by even stopped to listen. We talked some more... then I asked his name. When he told us his name...my crew was looking at me like I was a mad woman cause I did a mini palance and started acting like he was Michael Jackson actually more like if he was Tariq Trotter.

Bumpas Talk to Me and Network are the cause for my "ahhhh damn, I love your music!" moment.

Me, Kamau and B.

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