Carnival Nationz Caribana 2010

Last year was my first, Caribana, Toronto's Caribbean Carnival Festival. I played mas with Carnival Nationz along with my girls: Nicole (Bumm), Nicole(Busy) and Pru. See pics here.

This year CNz has decided to pay special attention to one of the greatest figures in Caribbean history, something that has never been done before. An entertainer who needs no introduction… the "KING OF CALYPSO"… will be honoured in true CNz fashion for all the awe inspiring music that he has provided to us over the years. Call him by whatever name you know him: "Slinger Francisco" ~ "D'Birdie" ~ "The King"... we at CNz will simply call him "SPARROW D'LEGEND". 
We had a Blast! I haven't decided if I'll be going this year.   Carnival Nationz launch was on Saturday and these costumes are very tempting:

Jean & Dinah (Blue or Fushia)

Drunk & Disorderly (Burgundy)

De Lizard (Green & Yellow)

Saltfish (Silver) 
Royal Jail (Orange & Yellow) 

Congo Man (Brown)

D'Birdie (Aqua, Yellow, Pink)

Obeah Wedding (Purple)

Big Bamboo (Beige & Brown)

Sa Sa Yea (Teal)    

Jane (Black & Pink)

Sexy Marajin (Red & Gold)

My Favorite is Saltfish Frontline

Pru, my fellow carnival junkie, said the launch was good. She said the  costumes are  way more beautiful in person. She also said the models did not do a good job in showing the costumes. Pru does not agree with my costume pick :( She said it looked " too outta space." I told her that's what I liked about it. It's unusual. She said "saltfish is a different costume alright."  Look like I might have to find someplace else to stay if  I decide to go with salfish. She probably won't let me bring it in her house. LOL. I'm feeling the headpiece, the bum pack, and the fact that it's different. A trip to Toronto may be necessary to see my options up close...
Pru's top picks are: Conga Man FL (frontline), Jean and Dinah, Drunk and Disorderly, Jane, Sexy Marajin, and  Sa Sa Yea one-piece . My top picks are SALTFISH FL, Jean and Dinah  FL, Jane FL and Drunk and Disorderly. Registration beings tomorrow. Lets see which sections sell off.

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  1. Titi - I LOVE saltfish too. I actually thought I would've been by myself on that chose. Ok now, you got me thinking about Caribana again. Bumm