I don't need to say why I'm in LOVE with this video. Kelis never fails to amaze us with her creativity and originality. Check the headpiece, costumes/wardrobe and makeup. The song ain't bad either...
I can't stop calling them 2EKwip... They got skills and have no problems letting you know. I guess I won't either if I worked with all the people Rock City has... Here are some new chunes.



Sound of Lonliness

We Get Around

Bitter Sweet

Wanna Know

Music source: wegotitfirst.com
Island People Mas did not waste anytime in sharing their theme for 2011. I'm curious and excited to see what they'll design with a theme like Shades of the Universe.
The runways proved that Island People Mas aren't the only ones with the universe on their minds. Several fashion designers infused their Spring 2010 and Fall 2010 collections with space/universe inspirations.

Abbey Lee Kershaw, space cadet
Spring 2010 issue of i-D Magazine 

Freja Beha Erichsen in 'Cyber Tribe', Vogue UK March 2010

Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2010

Versace Autumn / Fall 2010

Louise Goldin's space army: Autumn / Fall 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

While in Trinidad I meet Kamau. It was VERY random. We were playing mas on carnival Tuesday and we had stopped for lunch. We decide to get out the sun and go under the stands to eat in the shade. While there, I noticed Dude with 2 other girls staring at us. Finally, he must have noticed our accents because asked if we were from the Virgin Islands... this is a big deal cause we SELDOM meet people from the VI in Trinidad. So we hugged, acted like distant cousins and started small talk. It somehow came up that he was a soca artist. He was bold, confident, full of conviction, assured, show off, kind enough to sing for us. Lol. Some lady walking by even stopped to listen. We talked some more... then I asked his name. When he told us his name...my crew was looking at me like I was a mad woman cause I did a mini palance and started acting like he was Michael Jackson actually more like if he was Tariq Trotter.

Bumpas Talk to Me and Network are the cause for my "ahhhh damn, I love your music!" moment.

Me, Kamau and B.
Guilty Pleasure... loving the original and this remix.
I think it's funny as hell that Demarco's intro is "Rihannaaaa meh wan play pon yuh pianaaaaa" LOL
Right after Bumm and I jam raped Tahmin

and before palancing on the Frenzy boat cruise,
I noticed my toes had a little extra room. I looked down and saw that a few straps on my Jeffery Cambell Athena sandals were no more.  Granted these sandal gave me about 4 good years... this was just not the place for them to fail me. I was on a boat off the coast of Trinidad with my crew, drinking and having a blast. I tried to palance with half ah shoe but I couldn't even do a 2 step. My crew joined me in hearty laugh but my dear friend Bumm laughed way to hard for way to long. In her guilt, she agreed to palance bare foot with me. I was happy for the camaraderie even though she laughed every time I said "oouch" or when someone stepped on my big toe.
By the end of the cruise, I knew I would not make it to the car without shoes. I begged Tahmin for his socks so I could make it to the car. I had to walk through the hotel lobby in a yellow sundress, black socks and sandals in hand. Needless to say... this was one of the best times I had in Trinidad.  Bumm was still laughing btw.
The next day, Bumm and I arrived at West Mall and I noticed she suddenly started to limp. I laughed sooooooooooooooooooooo hard when I realized that HER shoe failed her. The first thing I said to her was "karma is a BITCH,"  then being the good friend that I am, I ran into the first few stores trying to find her cheap shoes since Tahmin and his socks were no where around. We ended up at the PUMA store where she bought some pink flip flops she probably won't wear again.

We both agreed that we won't laugh at anyone's misfortune for the rest of the trip.

After the JayZ's concert on Saturday 2/27/10 we decided to hit up Embrace Saturdays at Thrive after we found out that DJ Private Ryan would be spinning. He is one of my favorite soca DJs. Since I'm suffering from severe Post Carnival Depression (PCD) and can't get my hands on Palancil, the new medication for PCD, I knew Private Ryan's treatment would be the next best thing. Lawd knows it was! We palanced and party hard all night long.

J'ouvert which is pronounced 'juuvay', is a large street party during Carnival celebrated on many Caribbean islands. J'ouvert is a contraction of the French jour ouvert, or day open (morning).
The celebration involves calypso/soca bands or Djs and their followers dancing through the streets smearing paint, mud or oil on their bodies. The festival starts well before dawn and peaks a few hours after sunrise.

This year for Trinidad Carnival 2010, we played with the jouvert band Insomniacs and had the pleasure of jumping with Allison Hinds... Soca Queen (red locks below) and watching her notorious bumpa.

She also preformed on the truck, blessing us with her infectious voice.