Jalena - Come Baby by NicoleC

Written by Jalena and Produced by AJ Ventura

Born and raised in the British Virgin Islands to German parents, Jalena was exposed to various genres of music. In 2005 she moved to Antigua to sing with the now defunct band, "Da Bhann." This affair proved to be one of the biggest and most challenging learning experiences in Jalena’s career. The once shy island native was forced to perform on a professional level while touring the United States, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean. After leaving Da Bhann, Jalena moved back to the Virgin Islands to hone her singing skills with several other local bands on the island of Tortola. Jalena released her first (Soca) studio album in August of 2010 to rave reviews! The album is entitled The Jam Sessions consists of the chart toppers "Do Fuh Do", "Wuk Meh", and many more!
Here is one of AK The Artist's soca release for St. Thomas carnival 2011. Sounding good!

Adil Karam, AK The Artist, is currently one of the most widely acclaimed young artists in the United States Virgin Islands blazing up the airwaves and nightclubs with hit after mind-blowing hit in a relatively short space of time. AK The Artist, whose name comes from his initials and his artistic ability, began his musical journey as a local DJ playing gigs while, along the way, building relationships with recording artists and professionals in the music industry.

AK The Artist lives up to the “The Artist” incorporated in his official name with compositions in a multifaceted realm of music genres including Hip Hop/ R&B/Pop/ Soca/ Calypso / Reggae / and Dancehall. With this versatility, AK The Artist transcends cultural boundaries and thus has a following that is very diverse. As a young man full of talent and appeal, he has a growing fan base of young and old who,whenever they see him, fervently scream his name fondly followed by “Roger Dat!”
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I was getting over my Post Carnival Depression (PCD) and DJ Private Ryan made me digress. He claim say this mix will RELIEVE PCD... so why am I looking for my costume to put on and have a wuk up session in my bedroom right now???? LOL!

This mix is HOT!!! Took me right back to Girl Power, Eclipze, Lara, and playing mas on Monday and Tuesday in Trinidad. I love that he included songs from other islands. This soca mix will hold me until he puts out his 2012 Pre-Carnival Mix .

Looks very interesting!

Waris Dirie was born into a nomadic clan in Somalia in 1965. At 13, she escaped an arranged marriage by fleeing on foot across the desert. She landed in London where she worked first for wealthy relatives, then at a McDonald’s. She was discovered by photographer Terence Donovan while wiping tables. Improbably, Waris became a top model, appearing in ads for firms including Chanel and L’Oreal. In 1997 she spoke for the first time with a magazine about the female genital mutilation (FGM) she had undergone at age three. Abandoning her modeling career, she became a United Nations ambassador for the abolition of FGM. Waris’s autobiography became an international bestseller, and DESERT FLOWER is the gorgeously photographed adaptation of her story. It follows Waris (played by Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede) from her beginnings as a goat herder, to London and the world of top modeling, to the international spotlight of the United Nations. The film manages to incorporate surprisingly light-hearted moments into its portrayal of a difficult subject. DESERT FLOWER is the story of one woman’s victory over unimaginably harsh beginnings and her work to insure that other girls avoid the same horrific experience. 

Here are some of the US dates...

March 18, 2011
Santa Monica, CA Monica 4
New York, NY Angelika Film Center
New York, NY Cinemas 1, 2, & 3
March 25, 2011
San Francisco, CA Sundance Kabuki
Philadelphia, PA Ritz 5
Washington, DC E Street Cinema
April 1, 2011
Berkeley, CA Shattuck 10
Irvine, CA Westpark 8
La Jolla, CA La Jolla Village
Pleasant Hill, CA Pleasant Hill 21
San Rafael, CA San Rafael Regency
Atlanta, GA Midtown Art Cinema
Chicago, IL East River 21
Detroit, MI Maple Art 3
Montclair, NJ Clairidge 6
White Plains, NY Cinema 100 Quad
Portland, OR Fox Tower Stadium 10
Houston, TX Edwards Greenway Palace
Seattle, WA Pacific Place 11
April 8, 2011
Denver, CO Esquire or the Chez Artiste
Boise, ID The Flicks
Boston, MA Kendall Square 9
Minneapolis, MN Uptown
St Louis., MO Plaza Frontenac 7
Charlotte, NC Regal Cinemas Manor Twin

Also, include the Cleveland International Film Festival on the 29th and 30th of March.

Steffens' collection is serious. Did you know that Bob Marley went by Bobbie Martel??
It’s often said that some non-Jamaicans are often more sentimental about and appreciative of Jamaican music and culture. Case in point – Roger Steffens, an American author, lecturer and producer, who is probably best known for his amazing reggae archive which includes tapes, records, CDs, posters, buttons and other rare and vintage items which date back to the early days of Jamaican music – ska, rocksteady and then reggae. Below we’ve featured a video of Steffens’, as he takes viewers on a mind-boggling tour of his archive.

Roger Steffens' Reggae Archives from Babylon Falling on Vimeo.

I'm just a little obsessed with this spread in Winkler. I'm loving this magazine.

Happy Birthday Charleen, I love you dearly! 
I hope you had a great day.

They are so sharp...makes me proud! Seriously, there is nothing sexier than a well dressed man. Style, confidence and paying attention to details makes the man. I hope they inspire other men in the Virgin Islands to get DRESSED!

Forever Kings Lifestyle presents: “Kings Attire” The Genesis
Quoting the words of Biz Markie on this one…”Damn it feels good to see people up on it” we bring to you Forever Kings and their piece, “Kings Attire” The Genesis.
Forever Kings is a collective of individuals who are claiming regality because they know what they are worth and claim that title as humbly as they can. In doing so, they are performing duties and carrying themselves in a manner that is admirable and respectable while attaining the goals they have set for themselves. Quite simply…doing as kings do.
As if taking cue from Ouigi and the rest of the folks over at Brooklyn Circus, these gentlemen are on their way of impacting and quite possibly ushering in a forgotten mentality, a forgotten style of dress, a forgotten way of life. The piece was shot in Frederiksted “Freedom City” St.Croix and on King Street which is only right. To see the video and more images click on
Forever Kings Lifestyle presents: “Kings Attire” The Genesis
“Kings Attire: The Genesis is the landmark beginning of the Forever Kings movement. When we say dressed in the garments of the past, this is a direct reference to times in history when black men dressed accordingly; Times of the Harlem Renaissance when young black men dressed as though it was an art form, in suits and what we now call formal wear. We are draped in Kings’ Attire as we move towards our decree.”

Kings Attire "The Genesis" from ForeverKingsTV on Vimeo.

For more on Forever Kings click here
Forever Kings on Facebook
Photography & Videography done by BlakOasis Creative Group


After much hype, Conde Nast decided to not go ahead with an African version of Vogue. That did not stop makeup artist and photographer, Mario Epanya, of Cameroon from creating his own online fashion magazine dedicated to the beautiful women of Africa, titled Winkler. There are gorgeous photo layouts and articles on fashion, beauty,and hair.  You can view Winkler Magazine here.  


The Hot Boys section is HOT!

Here is Hugga Bunch's 2011 St. Thomas Carnival Presentation:

Ladies of the Sun

Fire Within

Goddess of Light

The Diamante' Court
The Tribal Queen 
If interested contact Hugga Bunch:
Hugga Bunch Carnival Troupe
P.O. Box 303753
Saint Thomas, USVI 00803
340.774.2302 ~ Mas Camp
The History of Hugga Bunch Carnival Troupe

Hugga Bunch Carnival Troupe was launched in 1985 as the collaborative and creative forces of several individuals joined.  Each force possesses the passion and professional approach to creating distinctive Carnival Troupes. Hugga Bunch is widely noted for their feathers and flair, dominating parade routes across the U.S. Virgin Islands, with St. Thomas as its home base. 

For many years, Virgin Islands masqueraders were presented with limits. Many sought a Carnival Troupe that would cater to every need, a troupe that provides consistent attention to detail and a troupe whose creativity satisfies every desire.  To this end, Hugga Bunch Carnival Troupe has created what is known as the ultimate Carnival experience for participants and spectators alike.

In 2009, Hugga Bunch Carnival Troupe took the streets by storm with the shocking Pink, presenting “A Jaw Dropping Affair” with the Show Stoppers and the Door Knockers.  In 2010, the group celebrated its 25 Anniversary and drew over 700 members, a record setting trend for a Virgin Islands Carnival Troupe.  Presenting “The Silver and White Ball of Angels” for the 25th Anniversary Celebration, left everyone in awe with the vibrant & glistening colors of silver and white.

Annually Hugga Bunch is inundated with calls and emails from across the globe, all seeking to become an active member of the group.  We welcome new members and always enjoys the company of committed and long term members.
Jazz Trombonist, Reginald Cyntje, is  heading to St. Thomas, VI  next week to conduct music workshops in the schools from March 15th-18th 2011. On Friday March 18th, he will be hosting a fundraiser concert at the Jarvis House Museum at 7pm. Please come out and support!

Stripes are a new obsession for me. I often avoided stripes because I could never find cute items with stripes going in the right direction (vertically, so I don't look bigger than I am). I've given  up that hunt and now it just has to be FLY! 

Marie Claire Italia March 2011 did a great spread with some really cool stripe pieces. I really like the striped bangles and the bathing suit. I've already added some stripes (yes, some horizontal too) to my wardrobe so now I'm on a mission for some striped bangles.

Title: Sopra le righe
Magazine: Marie Claire Italia March 2011
Model: Cato van Ee
Photographer: Rennio Maifredi
Stylist: Elisabetta Massari

Threeks Madness Power Soca Mix 2011

This is arguably one of the better mixes we have heard for Trinidad Carnival 2011. Nothing but uptempo riddims to get your heart racing and ready for de road. Threeks, the sound system responsible for this mix, hails from Berlin Germany, and has been mashing up the place since 2003.

The Sound is composed of a fully talented Crew: Nico (DJ), Madyu (DJ), Alex (Mixes Producer), Weasel (MC) and Kose (graphics, booking and promotion). Together they build an amazing Team that promotes and support Caribbean culture in Germany, Europe, and Worldwide.

They are known for great mixes and the Madness Power Soca Mix 2011 doesn’t disappoint. Just another example of how infectious Caribbean culture is.

Download Threeks Madness Power Soca Mix 2011

via: Cutlass & Cane
Great shots! Perfect location. Amazing clothes. Lovely models

Title: Ocean Colour Scene
Magazine: Vogue UK March 2011
Models: Jourdan Dunn, Karmen Pedaru
Photographer: Mario Testino
Stylist: Lucinda Chambers