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The U.S. Virgin Islands has a rich history and encompasses a people as diverse just the same. Whether you are descendants of slaves brought to the U.S. territory, someone who migrated from the neighboring islands or descendants of those who have migrated from other islands, or you visited and fell in love with the islands, there is always that question, “Who is a Virgin Islander?” Some may remember this question sparking many conversations as well as debates by the Constitutional Convention debate.
The All Ah We project is a multimedia presentation that contains a black-and-white pictorial presentation showcasing 40 Virgin Islanders from all walks of life and their respective answers to that question. In addition to people telling their stories, the presentation will also entail taped-recordings, and in some cases, video clips. The project is the brainchild of photojournalist Michael Nissman. “This is a very personal story for me,” Nissman said recently. “As someone with a mixed background, I’ve often wondered about this question of identity and how we identify with our background, birthplace, culture, ideas.

This portrait series will be featured as an exhibit in the VIHC sponsored forum “Building Community, Celebrating Diversity” scheduled May 7th and 8th 2010 on St. Thomas.

Here are my Favorites:

Calypso legend Camile "King Derby" Macedon


Boxing legend Julian Jackson

Radio Personality Rashidi Clenance

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  1. Hey look at Rashidi! Haven't seen him in years. This seems like a very interesting project. Wish I were home to see it.

  2. I wish I would have been able to attend too. I'm anxious to see what the complete collection looks like.

    Julian Jackson hair cut ain't change one