Spring 2011 Beauty Trends: Pat McGrath

The makeup Goddess, Pat McGrath, said it so we better listen!

With each new season we see an onslaught of new trends in fashion and beauty, and have to choose which ones will work for us and which we aren't going to be able to jump on board with for the coming months. Pat McGrath, legendary makeup artist and Covergirl's Color Director, who led countless makeup teams this past spring season at the shows, chatted with us about the spring season and what her take on the trends were.

With her insight and guidance we now feel a bit more prepared to face the new season, (those bright colors and bleached brows were a bit daunting!) and think you will too. Below are her top four tips for the season, straight from the legend herself. 

 Gucci SS2011, Imaxtree. Makeup by Pat McGrath
Red, Red, Red
Red lips are back. You know, a woman will say "My God I can't really wear bold, deep, glossy lips - they're not going to last long," and they're right. So a really good way to do that lip is to use regular Outlast Lipstains, and then put your lip color on top. And, just a bold lip  - that's an easy look for everyone to wear, you know?
  Dior SS2011, Imaxtree. Makeup by Pat McGrath
Go Bold On Your Eyes
We have this idea that all women can't wear bright colored eye shadow, and I'm always like "Yes you can!" You can by even just using a slash of a bold color pencil along the lash line as an eyeliner - with tons of mascara giving the lashes extra length. At Dior for instance, we had really bold eye shadows. What we did was use a cream shadow first, then pressed on a really strong eye shadow color all over the eyelid. But, to wear that for everyday just use it as an eyeliner, like a dash of electric blue.
  Dolce & Gabbana SS2011, Imaxtree. Makeup by Pat McGrath
Get A Dewy Glow
Usually the way that I go about it is you know, applying your foundation, applying the touch of concealer, powdering only down the center of the face and leaving the nose, cheekbones, browbones and parts of the chin so that you get an all-over glow. That's how I love to get that kind of matte look, but with a glow. There's a bit more life to it.
 YSL SS2011, Imaxtree. Makeup by Pat McGrath
Make Your Own Rules
I really think that now most women are very individual about their beauty, and they'll look at 29, 30, 40 shows and choose a few looks that are right for them - depending on where they're going and whatever they want to do. I think nowadays that whole 90's thing is gone about how we're all doing beiges, we're all doing browns, or we're all going to have red lips. We're not Stepford Wives, really. And everyone has their own indentity, and I think that shows now in cosmetics.

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