Kaj Designs - 2011 Carnival Collection

Easy. Effortless. Vibrant colors. Love it!

Inspired by the eclectic landscape of the Caribbean, Kaj Designs reflects an appreciation of the indigenous with contemporary boldness and unabashed sensuality.

In Kaj clothing and accessories, nature’s simple beauty mixes with a modern attitude of individualism and high personal style. Lines are daring, embellishments are chunky, and raw fabrics are touchable, all in rich vibrant hues.

The Kaj concept channels the dynamism of diverse cultures into classy, avant-garde designs that speak of confidence, self-respect and independence.

Launched in 2005 by self-taught designer, Kevin Ayoung-Julien, as a boutique operation producing custom-made one-of-a-kind pieces, Kaj Designs debuted its premiere collection, Chachalaca, another name for Tobago’s native bird, the Cocrico. Trademark pieces were featured at the 2005 Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW) in Jamaica and the 2005 Caribbean Fashion Rhythms in Barbados.

Other collections have included Eccensual: Shake Well & Stir and WILD THINGS which debuted at the 2007 CFW and the 2008 Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago (FWTT) respectively. The label’s couture swimwear featured at the 2007 Miss World pageant as Grenada’s representative, Vivian Burkhardt, sought out Kaj’s work to complete her wardrobe.

As Creative Director of Kaj Designs, Kevin’s steely determination, meticulous nature and commitment to the highest of standards, have allowed him to carve a niche in both the local and regional fashion markets. The designer is driven to create. He exists to do so. It is his passion. He is the man behind the line of clothing and accessories embodying his appreciation for Caribbean culture and its diverse heritage, "I'm inspired by the Caribbean woman's innate expression of confidence and flair. Such expression lends true beauty to the colorful diversity of our landscape and provides much for inspiration."

In an effort to ensure the long-term viability and growth of his company, Kevin expanded his team to include his friend, publicist and business consultant, Liza Miller, as General Manager. With her signature style and as a leading marketing consultant for the Caribbean’s creative industries through her own firm Estuary Public Relations, Liza brings a plethora of marketing, PR, administrative, organisational and managerial skills to the label.

Equipped with a deliberate approach; a refocused vision; consolidated operations; and a diversified portfolio including promotional design conceptualisation, styling and resort wear, Kaj Designs is poised to become a local and regional leader in the design and production of avant-garde couture garments.

Kaj Designs
35 Friends Field Road, Scarborough
Trinidad & Tobago
(868) 761.1195

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