The Meteoric Rise of Nicki Minaj

Trinidad's Harajuku Barbie, Nicki Minaj,  will graced the cover of BlackBook's March Pop Issue. I'm really loving her Pop-culture photos. Read the article here.

 Suit by Jean Paul Gaultier. Pin by Alexis Bittar

Coat by Gareth Pugh. Bodysuit by Bia McCrory. Shoes by Junko Shimada. Cuff by Alexis Bittar. Ring by Boos & Besito.

 Hat by Syren. Vintage jacket by Gianni Versace from Decades Los Angeles.

 Dress by Syren. Necklace by Christian Dior. Studded bracelet by Balenciaga. Bracelet by Junko Shimada. Shoes by Hologram City. String monster doll by Scooter LaForge. 

Suit by Jean Paul Gaultier. Ring and pin by Alexis Bittar. Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti.  

Dress by House of Holland. Cuff by Tom Binns. Boots by Giuseppe Zanotti. 

 Vintage jacket by Gianni Versace from Decades Los Angeles. Belt by Burberry. Skirt and hat by Syren. Shirt by Jeremy Scott. 

Photography by Andrew MacPherson. 
Styling by Brett Bailey. 
Hair by Terrence Davidson. 
Makeup by Day @ Buddhafly. 
Manicurist: Nettie Davis using Essie Cosmetics @ 
Digital tech by Jim Goethals @ Industrial Color. 
Photo Assistants: Alex Almeida and Jay Mimis. 
Location: Siren Studios. Los Angeles.

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