The Turban

In Sex and the City 2″ Carrie wears an amazing turban. Turbans has popped up on several runways for many Resort and Fall/Winter 2010 collections. 
tur·ban [túrbən]

1. headdress: a man's headdress that consists of a long piece of fabric wrapped around the head or around a small cap, completely covering the hair, worn especially by some Sikhs and Muslims
2. woman's hat: a woman's hat that is similar in shape to a man's turban
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Jean Paul Gaultier for his Fall 2010 collection presented African print Turbans

Temperley Fall 2010 collection gold lame turban

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2010

Yigal Azrouël Resort 2010

Chris Benz Resort 2010

For those of you less willing to commit to a truban you can try a headband+turban=Turband. Thanks to Gold Saturn, you can now experiment. They've created the part turban, part headband Turband — thick enough to resemble a real turban but thin enough to not envelope your entire head. 

Here are some other options:

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