Carnival Nationz Changes

Dem gone guh change meh costume, WTH! Carnival Nationz has made some changes to 3 sections: Saltfish, Royal Jail and Sexy Marajhin. Here are the before and after.

Saltfish Before

Saltfish After

Royal Jail now has a waist belt... a necessary change I feel

Royal Jail Before

Royal Jail After

Sexy Marajhin Before

Sexy Marajhin After

I don't LOVE the changes they made to Saltfish. It's looks like an afterthought. I really liked the dimension/texture that's in the original head piece. Now the gray feathers look so drab.

Now that they've added a waist belt to Royal Jail, it looks so much better. I'm sure it will sell off now.
Sexy Marajhin...they got rid of the yellow feathers and added some trim to the bra. I don't remember there being  a FL for this section but take a look:


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