Swagger 360 Part 5

This is the last installment for now. I'm anxiously awaiting Guerre's next list.
7 Deadly Sins.

... well o.k. they may not be deadly sins, but when it comes to style... they should be considered sins.

1. Wearing a suit with no pocket square.
Now, while many may consider this a minor infraction, I think that not wearing a pocket square is an insult to a suit. Take time out and notice how that little addition works wonders, and how the lack of one leaves a suit screaming for more. I firmly believe every man should sport a pocket square (with suit), and the safest bet is a plain white one. Folding a pocket square        (link courtesy of Sam Hober Custom Made Neckties)

2. Ill fitting anything.
This includes suits, jeans, shirts, and tees. One thing I have come to understand is that regardless to the cost, if the fit is not right - the look won't be right. It's better to wear something inexpensive that fits correctly, than something expensive that fits wrong. Wrong fit trumps bad quality.

3. Bad hygiene.
Putting a dress on a pig, wont make it a princess. Clean up before you 'dress up'. Now you may think this doesn't need to be stated, however ride the New York Subway or Paris Metro on a hot day, and you'll understand the importance of stressing this point.

4. Worn out shoes.
This may seem minor, but when it comes to style, nothing is minor (including this). A sharp dressed man, makes sure his shoes are well kept, and polished. Investing in a good pair of shoes is key, when the sole wears down, all you need to do is have them resoled. Add taps if they tend to wear quickly.

5. The look killers.
- A Tie that's too long - it draws the attention downward.
- Head phones wires - Gives off a messy look.
- Stuffed pockets - breaks the smooth lines in the clothing.
- Baseball cap / do rag and a suit - defeats the point of a suit.
- Cell phone on belt clip - unless you're working in the fields it looks too High School cool.

6. Ring tones.
I never understood the point of Ring tones (for anyone over 28). Hopefully someone can explain to me it's point, while letting me know why the vibrate function doesn't suffice.

7. Not knowing what works for you.
This is a hard one, but it's about being honest with yourself. Style is about expression of self, thus it should reflect your personality. The key is to know what works for you, and compliments your body - not what makes it reveal your short comings. Certain colors work best with certain people, and certain styles fit certain body types more so than others. If you like it, but it doesn't work for you -leave it alone, and like it on someone else. Once you've truly found your style, it will reveal itself in your Swagger.

Courtesy of Guerre 

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