Swagger 360 Part 2

I like this list a lot. #2, #4, #7, #9 and #11 are my favs.
My last list was the list of 36 Things every Man should do before dying.

Well, today the list is much shorter, and since the previous list covered plenty for both sexes, I didn't want to be redundant. I however still wanted to create a short list for the ladies who sent me e-mails on the subject.

11 Must haves and things to do +1

1. The black dress. Own a black dress, not a scandalous or extra tight dress, but the perfect black dress that compliments your features and assets without being too revealing. Part of the charm in the black dress is its perfection in simplicity

2. The Heels. Now I've seen some outrages priced heels, and I'm certainly not one who believes in spending beyond your means, but ladies... investing in at least one pair of BEAUTIFUL heels is a must. This is not something to be worn everyday, but when you put them on it will have a magical effect on (you and) those in the know.

3. Sunglasses. For those who do sunglasses (which should be everyone), METAL FRAMES are not for the winter. Metal will attract the cold and no matter how cool your wire (aviator) Ray Bans look, they're not worth the cold against your face. Plastic frames are best for the winter... plastic (if you do Cartier, wood) frames are the only option for winter.

4. The Walk. Do not believe that walking consist of simply putting one foot in front of the other. Learn to infuse personality into your walk (that doesn't mean hopping and skipping everywhere) it simply means be conscious that you are more than simply bones and muscle, walk with attitude. (Good posture is a must. Stand tall, breath in deep, be proud at all times)

5. The Coat. A well fitting coat is KEY. A coat is not just something you throw on to keep warm, it's an extra layer of expression.

6. Read 'Confessions of the Greatest Lover' yes, it's my work... no, I wont overly promote it... I'll let you be the judge.

7. The Summer dress. This is the true test of style, when less says more. Less as in less bells and whistles - a summer dress, open toe sandals and simple details. Give the tight jeans and tights/leggings a well deserved break.

8. A good book. Take time out to read a great book this summer that inspires you.

9. A get-together with your male friends. Enjoy being the only woman there, sit back and enjoy the study group.

10. A Photo Shoot. Grab an outfit or two that you really enjoy and set up a photo shoot. Be it alone or with a few friends, make it a point to capture the moment.

11. The Function. Make it a point to try to go to 1 function a month where you have to dress up. Mind you when I say dress up and function, I'm not talking about the club. Try an opera, a play, a charity event, the point is to live what most only fantasize about.

12. The List. Take a look at the list of 36 Things every man should do before dying then make up your own list.

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