Claudette Peters' Exotic Mas Troupe 2010

Antigua's Exotic Mas had their band launch on may 29th. Their theme is Lost at Sea. It looks like I'll be wearing spruced  up version of The Sea.
EXOTIC MAS... Yes you know how we role when we hit the streets and this year for Antigua's carnival 2010 we going to mash up the place, it go MAHD! Dat meh say...
'LOST AT SEA' is our 2010 theme and it 'NAR GO NORMAL'.
Calling all my carnival pirates...

Come and jump with us... be EXOTIC...

Hidden Treasure

Pitch Black

The Sea

Drunken Pirate

Contact Info:
Exotic mas New Winthropes
New Winthropes villageSaint John's, Antigua

via: Exotic Mas Troupe

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