Reginald Cyntje's Debut Jazz CD - Freedom's Children

Reginald and I were in band class together waaaaaaay back in middle school. My career as a flutist ended as soon as I graduated but Reginald was just getting started. He is now an amazing trombonist determined to record his first CD as a bandleader entitled Freedom's Children. His concept is to spread love, peace and social justice, fusing jazz and Caribbean traditions. He's asking for our support via Kickstarter. Please give what you can and make a pledge to help him raise only $6,500.


Thank you for checking out my project. My name is Reginald Cyntje and I’m launching this fund raising campaign on my birthday. Successful funding of this project would be one of the best birthday gifts I've ever received. With the help of Kickstarter, I will be recording my first CD this year. The title is “Freedom’s Children – The Celebration.”

In pursuing this project I am asking the community (you) for help. I need to raise at least $6,500 to meet recording expenses. To create art worthy of presenting, I must ensure there are funds for the musicians, rehearsals, expenses, artwork and presentation.

The story takes the listener on a journey from playful child-like melodies to compositions expressing adult awareness. As I reflect on my experiences to this point, I feel compelled to say thank you to the community by offering a collection of songs I’ve composed. There have been previous opportunities to record as a bandleader but I wanted to wait until I arrived at a place where I could clearly articulate culture, heritage and experience as an adult. At the age of 25, I was not mature enough to create a project that would be about uplifting community.

The pot is seasoned and now it is time to release a representation of my musical view of life. The musicians on the album are world-class performers. There is a story behind each musician performing. For example, I’ve known the drummer since the seventh grade and he inspired me to play jazz. We are the same age, born on the same day. I am grateful he is sharing this experience with me.

“With humility and hard work you will rise above the shackles of tradition.” As you will hear on the CD, the configuration of different instruments will add a fresh sound to your ear. The concept of my music is to spread love, peace and social justice with each expression, fusing jazz and Caribbean traditions. This CD will paint a colorful musical landscape that will take you from drinking your favorite wine at an elegant jazz club to enjoying a refreshing daiquiri on a beautiful Caribbean beach.

I want to thank you in advance for your support. I feel good about what we will create together.


Reginald Cyntje

 Here is a little taste of what you might be in store for:


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