AK The Artist - VI Lets Fly

Here is one of AK The Artist's soca release for St. Thomas carnival 2011. Sounding good!

Adil Karam, AK The Artist, is currently one of the most widely acclaimed young artists in the United States Virgin Islands blazing up the airwaves and nightclubs with hit after mind-blowing hit in a relatively short space of time. AK The Artist, whose name comes from his initials and his artistic ability, began his musical journey as a local DJ playing gigs while, along the way, building relationships with recording artists and professionals in the music industry.

AK The Artist lives up to the “The Artist” incorporated in his official name with compositions in a multifaceted realm of music genres including Hip Hop/ R&B/Pop/ Soca/ Calypso / Reggae / and Dancehall. With this versatility, AK The Artist transcends cultural boundaries and thus has a following that is very diverse. As a young man full of talent and appeal, he has a growing fan base of young and old who,whenever they see him, fervently scream his name fondly followed by “Roger Dat!”
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