Forever Kings Lifestyle: “Kings Attire” The Genesis

They are so sharp...makes me proud! Seriously, there is nothing sexier than a well dressed man. Style, confidence and paying attention to details makes the man. I hope they inspire other men in the Virgin Islands to get DRESSED!

Forever Kings Lifestyle presents: “Kings Attire” The Genesis
Quoting the words of Biz Markie on this one…”Damn it feels good to see people up on it” we bring to you Forever Kings and their piece, “Kings Attire” The Genesis.
Forever Kings is a collective of individuals who are claiming regality because they know what they are worth and claim that title as humbly as they can. In doing so, they are performing duties and carrying themselves in a manner that is admirable and respectable while attaining the goals they have set for themselves. Quite simply…doing as kings do.
As if taking cue from Ouigi and the rest of the folks over at Brooklyn Circus, these gentlemen are on their way of impacting and quite possibly ushering in a forgotten mentality, a forgotten style of dress, a forgotten way of life. The piece was shot in Frederiksted “Freedom City” St.Croix and on King Street which is only right. To see the video and more images click on
Forever Kings Lifestyle presents: “Kings Attire” The Genesis
“Kings Attire: The Genesis is the landmark beginning of the Forever Kings movement. When we say dressed in the garments of the past, this is a direct reference to times in history when black men dressed accordingly; Times of the Harlem Renaissance when young black men dressed as though it was an art form, in suits and what we now call formal wear. We are draped in Kings’ Attire as we move towards our decree.”

Kings Attire "The Genesis" from ForeverKingsTV on Vimeo.

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Photography & Videography done by BlakOasis Creative Group


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