Grenada Soca 2010 - Spice Mas

Since this will be my first  Spice Mas, I'm trying to get familiar with some of the soca tunes for this carnival season. Sounding good so far...

I'm also excited about playing j'ouvert and Monday night mas.

Many revellers begin their Carnival marathon at the Dimarche Gras Show and continue straight into the J’Ouvert celebrations, where in the early hours of Monday morning,
Blackened with stale molasses, tar, grease, creosote or mud, and wearing little more than their horned helmets, these masqueraders in previous times set out to terrify onlookers with their grotesque appearance and repulsive dances.
In modern times, the traditional Jab-Molassi have mutated into other creatures of colour, with Blue, Yellow and Green Devils joining in the early morning parade. These colourful devils are much more playful in character, wanting only to dab a bit of their body paint onto unsuspecting bystanders, as they dance through the streets to the rhythms of the accompanying drums, steel bands and calypsos from huge DJ trucks. 
The Ole Mas bands are the only other inhabitants in the early morning, bringing international and local events to the fore through their double entendre (or double talk) placards and satirical costumes.
Carnival Monday ends with the Monday Night Mas' street jump-up, where party goers in brightly coloured T-shirt bands, wave fluorescent wands and dance through the streets into the wee hours of the Tuesday morning.

So far, I like Pupa Leendi : Ragging jab jab.

Now, I have to do some research on things to do and places to see while in Grenada...

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