Las Vegas Carnival 10/10/10


I can't be the only person concerned that this is the same weekend as Miami Carnival 2010???? Whose brilliant idea was that??? $1200 costumes, less than ideal weather, overrated city...chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuups!

It's not a bad idea even though I'm very selfish with my culture. I definitely see the appeal of Las Vegas and a Caribbean carnival combined. However, I hate to see MY culture, food and music go to "main stream." Traditionally, Caribbean carnivals are held in cities with a large West Indian population. I think I've meet 2 people from the West Indies on my several trips to Las Vegas. So, in my opinion this IS main streaming MY culture. Miami Carnival or Las Vegas Carnival? Decisions decisionsssssss...

Check out the official Las Vegas press release here. For more info check out

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