Jeggings is a new-ish term in the fashion vocabulary. The name itself comes from the merge of two fashion terms, namely jeans + leggings = jeggings.  These jeggings are resembling skinny jeans, however they are more comfortable and wearable. They are good for that suck-it-in, painted-on look without the loss of circulation in your lower half. Jeggings fit very well and darker washes are even slimming and lifting certain areas like the bottom or the thighs and create the illusion of longer legs. This type of extremely tight jeans never goes out of fashion. Jeggings are pretty versatile and can go with lots of things, from tunics to dresses and long sweaters. For a glam look, wear them with chunky heels, clogs or platform sandals and accessorize with bow or a stylish necklaces. Please don't forget to add some bangles...enough so people hear you coming. The Vila Patchwork Denim Jean Leggings and Heavy Stitch Denim Jegging are a must have!

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