Dillon Ollivierre Vincy Poet

Dillon sent me his poems and asked me to share them with my readers. For such a young man, they're deep. I really like Memories. I wish him much success. Read his autobiography after the jump.


They haunt me
Your voice in my ear
My hand through your hair
Your lips pressing against mine
Damn if only I could go back in time
I would freeze the moments we had, enjoy it a bit longer
Erase the wrongs, be stronger and endure much longer

Your sweet words that made me feel like a king
The melodious voice echoing in my ear each time you sing
Like royalty you made me feel
You were all that I need
Your loving was all I desired
So powerful it ignited a fire
Within me was a spark so powerful it made the heavens rejoice
Like magic I was enticed

The way you looked me in the eyes with love
The way you embraced me with a hug
Our first kiss
Your sweet tender lips
Amazingly beautiful body that glowed each time I touched you
The magic surrounding the words “I love you”

They haunt me
The sad moments they conquer me
The mistakes I made, the mistakes you made
We’re both to blame
The words that broke my heart
The words uttered from your lips that tore me apart
The pain that came along with each heart beat
The intense feeling of defeat


Neglected as a child 
Cold and alone on the inside 
Searching for love and affection 
Caught within the spider’s web, no protection!
In search of the magic they called “Love” she got  used and abused

An angel now becomes a victim of her desire
On the inside it burns like fire
Her body feels so sore, muscles aching
Soul bleeding

She falls to the ground, broken in pieces like a plate
No more faith!
No strength to fight it off so she surrenders
Will she ever recover?

She cries her eyes out day after day
All she wanted was love and affection, instead she got used in so many ways 
She cuts her hand to replace emotional pain with physical
She screams “Where are you father?” while she becomes suicidal

Can you feel it? The endless suffering
Constant crying!
How can you deny the plea she made
All she request is that you stand, hold her hand and make the world a better place
Battered and abused, wont you show her that you care ?

Can you hear it? The pain within her voice
The struggle to overcome it, listen to her cries
Her eyes twitches while she fights for the right words to explain how she feel
Can you hear it? Her plea for love and friendship, that’s all she need
As she explains it all, the flashes erupts pain from within
She breaks down, fallen on her knees, hurting deep within
As tears consume this broken hearted girl
She looks up and says “Please let’s work together to make this world a better place”  


Born on the morning of January 26th 1989, at the Kingstown General Hospital in St.Vincent. I am Dillon Ollivierre. I am the only child for my parents Lucien and Verina Ollivierre and I reside at Friendship , Bequia.

I first entered the Bequia Seventh Day Adventist Primary School at the age of 4 and graduated in the year 2000. I later I went on to the Bequia Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School and graduated in the year 2006. While attending that institution, I was a young leader and I took a course in adolescent growth and development which was offered by the Health Education Unit of the Ministry of Health. At present I am completing my two year course in electrical engineering at the St.Vincent & The Grenadines Community College: Division of Technical and Vocational Education.

I've been writing poems for about 6 years now. I was inspired by a few singers and their lyrics, by love and also by close friends and family who motivated and encouraged me through the good and bad times. The first poem I attempted to write was to express my love for a girl but my attempts were all in vain for it did not sound the way I wanted it to; but nevertheless I strived for excellence until it was achieved. Since then I have written more poems, some of which I published in the local newspaper and various internet sites. Among my posts online, was a a tribute to Michael Jackson when he passed away and also a tribute to Haiti after the earthquake, which was written to remind people of the need to still assist the country.Some of my latest poems have been posted on my Facebook page while many others have not yet been revealed to anyone because I'm putting together some poems which would go towards a book. I am hoping that i would attain sponsorship to make the idea of publishing a book of my poetry a possibility.

To me life is a blessing, it is a chance or privilege given to us to obtain the best out of it and to achieve and contribute to making the world a better place and further more to serve the Almighty for giving us life and a chance to make it into his kingdom.

In the future I aspire to be a successful poet. I would like to have my poems published and recorded. I would like also to teach others about poetry and how to express themselves through poetry.

I would like to be able to help change the world for the good of all man kind. I would like to help those that are suffering , sick , the poor and the hungry.
As a poet I've learnt to release my feelings and tap into my emotions to let out all the feelings that i posses. Poetry helps me to free my mind and relate to others. As a poet I am able to deliver messages to my readers as well as to touch their hearts and make them connect with what they are reading. Each time someone comments on my poems, it makes me feel humble as well as reminds me of how talented and blessed i am.

In conclusion, I hope that others can learn from my life experience, strive for excellence and never give up when the going gets tough. Life is what you make of it, grasp every opportunity, there are a lot of challenges ahead of you but put God first he will help you in any situation.

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  1. I Realli like this. Dillon Ollvierre is a very Good friend of mine. He doesnt know how to give up.He always Motivates you and give u gud advice. Dillon has so much talent and he uses it. He just sits by himself,listens music and jus focus on what he is writing. I am very proud of what he has accomplished these passed years. Dillon I wanna let u kno that " NO DREAM IS TO BIG, THE SKY IT YOUR LIMIT". Reach for your dreams D. Ray will always be here to support u. God Bless u.. AAFLYD.

  2. Dillon is very talented the memories poem really kept me looking forward to a next line.
    I just want to say that i hope that his dream will come through and i wish him all the best.
    Looking forward to that book