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You must Must MUST watch this film!  100 people sat around the worlds largest table dubbed, The Table of Free Voices, and answered 100 questions submitted by people from around the world. The cast includes Tavis Smiley, Cornell West and a host of others from 50 countries including Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago.

Jonathan Granoff had an answer that resonated with me to the interesting question, Does our wealth depend on the Third World Being Poor? Jonathan Granoff's response was "I make it very simple. One is, joining in the generosity of the divine, which is a power of giving. All life is given to us. And those who do that are ‘for giving’. And then, if your life is centered around getting, then you’re joining in the culture of ‘for getting’. So the choice is to be part of ‘for getting’ and being forgotten or part of ‘for giving’ and being forgiven." I love it!

Another interesting question and response I loved was, Eliane Potiguara answer to What is God's religion? Ms. Potiguara's responded by saying "I am of Love. I am of the Universe. I am God in Action."…a statement my Mother has been saying all my life.

I hope you can find the time to enjoy this brilliant film. It is one where you will experience a wide range of emotions, and is worth every tear and laughter.

'problema' from Latin problema (genitive problematis) 'problem', 'puzzle', 'enigma', 'question proposed for solution', from Ancient Greek πρόβλημα (problema, 'obstacle'), from προβάλλω (proballo, 'to throw or lay something in front of someone', 'to put forward'), from prefix προ- (pro-, 'in front of') + βάλλω (ballo, 'to throw', 'to cast', 'to hurl').

An unprecedented philosophical art cinema experience, PROBLEMA is a film that looks at you as you watch it, that speaks to you in a multilingual mantra made of the voices, insights, perceptions and reflections of over 100 people sat together around the world's largest table. How do you perceive the world around you? How does the individual relate to the group? What does it mean to be a human being in the 21st Century? Spanning seventeen questions confronting who we are and where we’re going, PROBLEMA asks you to ask yourself, amid a mind bending, visually thrilling ride into a world of global dilemmas.

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