Peacock Feather False Eyelashes DIY ??

So, I have this grand idea to make my own Peacock feather eyelashes. I'll probably wear them on Monday for Trinidad carnival 2k11. I'll have to wait and see how it looks with my headpiece and collar. I'm thinking it might be over kill on Tuesday with all those pieces so Monday may be best since I won't be wearing my headpiece or collar.  Going big with your lashes is an easy way to create drama if you don't want to deal with  getting creative with your makeup or putting gems on your face.

I plan on using a pair of extra long false lashes and strategically placing peacock sword feathers on them:

I was inspired by this and these pics below (I must have a plan B and some dry fletch in case it rains):

These are available for $25 here if you are not as ambitious as I am.

Here are some links to get creative with your false eyelashes. I've shopped at the first two links and have been pleased.

I'll be sure to show you the outcome even if it's horrible :)


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