Brunch at Rosebud

On Sunday, I had brunch with my girls at Rosebud in Morningside, just outside of Virginia-Highlands. I had no clue what to expect but good food. The ambiance was hype with loud music and chatter. Our server wasn't the best which made me ask him if he was having a bad day. He should have called in sick or taken a personal day. I'll only go back to have the Big Nasty, I'm curious.

I started off with a Mimosa with Chambord. My girls had the Orange Thing- vodka, grand marnier and orange pellegrino. We also had the sweet corn muffin as our morning starter.

I had the ultimate pancake (it's stuffed)- local sausage, smoke bacon and scrambled eggs. YUMMY!!!

Bumm and B. had the egg rolls - egg, shittakes, green onion, aged cheddar and Asian ketchup. I didn't try them but they must have been good since they both ate them all.

Bumm also had the eugene onlette - roasted zucchini, local mushrooms, local peppers, midnight moon cheese and grits. I've never really had grits...these were yummy.

B. had a lonely waffle with whip cream...

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