Right after Bumm and I jam raped Tahmin

and before palancing on the Frenzy boat cruise,
I noticed my toes had a little extra room. I looked down and saw that a few straps on my Jeffery Cambell Athena sandals were no more.  Granted these sandal gave me about 4 good years... this was just not the place for them to fail me. I was on a boat off the coast of Trinidad with my crew, drinking and having a blast. I tried to palance with half ah shoe but I couldn't even do a 2 step. My crew joined me in hearty laugh but my dear friend Bumm laughed way to hard for way to long. In her guilt, she agreed to palance bare foot with me. I was happy for the camaraderie even though she laughed every time I said "oouch" or when someone stepped on my big toe.
By the end of the cruise, I knew I would not make it to the car without shoes. I begged Tahmin for his socks so I could make it to the car. I had to walk through the hotel lobby in a yellow sundress, black socks and sandals in hand. Needless to say... this was one of the best times I had in Trinidad.  Bumm was still laughing btw.
The next day, Bumm and I arrived at West Mall and I noticed she suddenly started to limp. I laughed sooooooooooooooooooooo hard when I realized that HER shoe failed her. The first thing I said to her was "karma is a BITCH,"  then being the good friend that I am, I ran into the first few stores trying to find her cheap shoes since Tahmin and his socks were no where around. We ended up at the PUMA store where she bought some pink flip flops she probably won't wear again.

We both agreed that we won't laugh at anyone's misfortune for the rest of the trip.

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