St. Thomas Carnival 2012: My Review

This year was St. Thomas Carnival's 60th anniversary. I usually don't attend carnival at home (St. Thomas) as often as I do other islands...the vibes are just different. Not better or worst...just different. I was very hopeful this year... I expected BIG tings and they kinda delivered. 

I lost the battery for my camera in  Trinidad so I don't have many pics. Here is how is spent my time at home for our carnival's 60th:

We didn't wasted any time. My first night is a blur. We started at Yatch Haven Grande for a Jazz on the Green type show. It was pretty cool. There was a nice turn out and the music was good! We moved on to Hubbly Bubbly Hookah Lounge for hummus and hookah. From there we ended up in Palm Passage at birthday party for a woman that I didn't not know. Even though we looked like the youngest party goers, we fit right in and it was perfect. You know old folks can party and the old men have lyrics cyan done.  One older man asked me:
                              Old man: " Hi, do you keep the bottom on your feet smooth?'
                              Me: "um..yesss??"
                              Old man: "good, cause they would feel nice and smooth on my shoulders!"

I nearly died with laughter... and threw up a little in my mouth. I think I made him mad. He was sooo confident. Anyway, we danced, ate cake and I meet the birthday girl who I feel in love with. She is an amazing artist who can party.
 Sis, me and Glenda (below) at the bday party

Still on the move, we went to the carnival village to see Burning Flames mash up da place. They never disappoint. Wadadli massive was getting it in and we had a blast. Our last stop was a Santo (Dominican) bar/club. Lawd...these people can party. We left at 4am and they were still going.

The next day we woke up to no electricity so we spent the day on the beach.
Vessup Beach

My daddy made us a real Caribbean (Antiguan) breakfast which consisted of saltfish, boiled dumpling (wheat), sweet potato, boiled plantains, dasheen, spinach and boiled egg which I didn't have. YUMMY!! I couldn't move for an hour after I devoured this plate of food.  LOL!
Glenda, I'm on the second page of my invoice to you. My dear friend had the idea to introduce the all inclusive jouvert band, J'ouvertnation, to St. Thomas' carnival. The next  4 day was consumed with planning promoting and executing J'ouvertnation.  Between doing radio interviews and decorating our Double Decker trolley... I felt like I need a vacation while on vacation. All in all, J'ouvertnaion was a success. St. John carnival is next!

We played mas with Real Mas... much drama, but by the end of parade day, the rum numbed all the burns I got from the glue gun and the fact that the music truck experienced technical difficulties. Sugar Band indirectly saved us. Playing mas with Real Mas started out rough but I ended up having a pretty good time... will definitely play mas with them again.

My sis and I

Tahmin and I

Overall, I had a good time. The best part was making new friends while reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in YEARSSSSSS!

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