Barton G

Every time I visit Miami,  Barton G is a must! We usually make early reservations so we have plenty of time to get ready to fete after dinner. The food is delicious and the presentations are always creative. We dined in their outdoor dining space which is set in a lush tropical garden. The wait staff is always very knowledgeable and patient as you try to figure out the menu. Since this is our umpteenth visit, I had an idea what I wanted. 

I always started with a Sabrinatini...their signature martini. It's a refreshing martini with Belevedere Orange and Watermelon Pucker, adorned with a Nitro-Champagne swizzle sick and the best part... a chocolate chimp. When it arrives, its smoking. It's to die for!

Juliette had the "B" Breeze. Bacardi CoCo, Island Blue Picker over ice with pineapple juice. I usually help her finish her second one.

Next, we had the Bucket of Bones: Beef and Pork Ribs, Baby Lamb Chops and Chicken Wings. Cucumber Cole Slaw, Onion BBQ Sauce and Cornmeal Onion Rings.

I usually get the steak special which is a huge ass steak that lasts me 2 days. I swear it's like 100oz of pure goodness. My other favorite is the Good Ol' Southern Fried Chicken. This time I suppressed my carnivorous desires and got the Summer Snapper: Whole Yellowtail Snapper with Baby Vegetables.  It was good but I think I'll stick on one of my ol' faithful next time.

Juliette had the Sizzling Brick Chicken: Grilled Double Breast of Chicken Rubbed in Tuscan Herbs with Arugula, Tomatoes, Pecorino-Romano Curls and Roasted Sweet Potatoes. It was served on a brick and all she kept saying was how moist the chicken tasted.

We always have the Mouse Trap Mac & Cheese. We were obsessed with this  and have tried to recreate it at home several times. This is a MUST!

The Damage! It was soooo worth every was plenty pennies.

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  1. love love Barton G when i go to Miami. it is a definite must i agree!!!!