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In 2008, Iconologic designed a new identity for the U.S. Virgin Islands.   I really like the multi colored Moko Jumbie used to represent the 3 islands collectively then giving each island and individual color. Loves it!!! Kudos to Iconologic for doing an amazing job creating an identity for my home.
The Jumbie

We just completed a new identity for the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here's the back-story:

"Long ago, before mortal life came to the islands; before tall ships and glittering parades, before pirates and great adventures, the spirits lived in the light: The inkblack-spirit of St. Thomas, his winking coat of many colors flashing; the green-spirit of St. John, kaleidoscope flowers for hair; and the blue-spirit of St. Croix, scaly-skinned with carbuncles of coral. All day and all night they made mischief-playing tricks, climbing high and howling from the islands' peaks, lounging on the edge of the world where the water meets the land. And everywhere they went, they left bits of magic behind. In their footsteps the seas swelled with color. The skies filled with oddly beaked beasts. The land erupted fronds and feathers of every texture. Each day, the islands became more and more a paradise.

Then one day, a Jumbie arrived. He was tall and lean, his knife-edge silhouette cast like night on the water. The spirits did not like this intruder. Protective of their private world, they conspired to remove him. They pelted him with sticks. They burned his camp. They tried to blot out his shadow from the sands. Displeased with their childishness, the Jumbie gathered the spirits and scolded them."Because you did not welcome me. Because you are selfish and secretive, you shall be forced, forever, to learn to share." He then scooped up each spirit in his impossibly boned hand and tossed them to the sky. There, three stars were born in the pattern of the islands. They remain a beacon today-drawing weary travelers to a three-island paradise of blue water, green hills and sparkling nights."
Read the press release here.

The U.S. Virgin Islands logo has been  featured on Logolounge.com and in this year’s summer 2010 issue of Computer Arts.


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