Caribbean Fruits: Guineps, Sugar Apple & Sea Grapes

Growing up, I definitely took these fruits for granted. Now, I'll kill for some sweet sugar apple, sea grapes and guineps. While on my "mandatory" tour of Antigua, we got lucky. The Fruit Gods blessed us!

As a child, my mother put the fear of God in me when eating guineps. She had a childhood friend that choked on the seed. She would make us bite through the seed before sucking on it so it's no longer round. I know I'll have my kids do the same. Thanks Mom!

Seriously, when you find a sweet guinep tree you guard it with your life, you keep it a secret and find someone agile to climb the tree for  you.  We didn't have to do any climbing. We got this bunch of guineps when we pulled into a gas station from a  little girl who was all about making some money.

Guinep goodness

Guinep seed

Sugar Apple has always been one of my favorite fruits...second to passion fruit. It can be messy because the flesh/meat is mushy and ohhhhh soooo gooooooood. There are tons of seeds and eating it can be tedius but I think it makes for longer enjoyment ;). Who dare refuses that???

The story behind the pic below: When we bought the 2 sugar apples, we ate one before I got to take any pics of the flesh/meat. So, I kept the other one and decided to eat it later and take the pics then. Well, I forgot it in the car and I left for Grenada the next day. Maybe 2 days later I got this pic on my BlackBerry from Feebs and Juliette enjoying MY sugar apple. So, that's what the flesh/meat look like.

I haven't had sea grapes in over 15 years. I don't see the trees on beaches as much as I did while I was growing up in St. Thomas. So, when I saw this tree at Nelson's Dock Yard in Antigua... I tried to take it down and bring it back to Atlanta with me. 

The darker the berry the sweeter the fruit is the TRUTH with sea grapes. You don't want to eat the green grapes. They have large seeds and when you find a sweet try to make wine like my Mommy did.

I had all these fruits in the same day. Not recommended unless you have a close and personal relationship with your toilet :-/

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